Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni)


Welcome in the first page of stevia on Latvia!

We took decision to pay attention on this plant which is very weak known in Latvian society, but is very popular all around the World for people who wants or are constrained think about healthy and natural alternative of sugar, e.g. patients of type II diabetes. 

 Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni) is known for mankind very long ago.  Ancient native of Paraguay, Guarani Indian, for many hundreds of years were used stevia plant for cooking. Nowadays, Stevia is very popular in Japan, were it takes 40% of sweetener market. Stevia is very demand in many countries around the World, especially for people living with type II diabetes.   

In Europe at the moment stevia is available in ECO shops and Internet, but it is not supplied for consumers as food additive. The problem consists, that in spite of many scientific publications about safety and heartiness, as well as good experience of many countries, EC Regulation 258/97 of 27th of January 1997 requires more scientific research of stevia rebaudiana Bertoni impact on human health. 


Number of world wide famous scientists, especially in Europe, are doing a lot of research work, organising meetings and conferences and taking part in several discussions to change officially status of stevia with goal have possibility to use stevia as food additive. The reason of so weak progress could be huge way trough EU bureaucracy corridors.

Scientific research and world experience on stevia approves:

    • Stevia products can be more than 300 times sweeter as sugar;

    • Stevia does not contain carbohydrates and glycemic index is zero;

    • Stevia does not contain calories;

    • Does not change level of glucose in blood;

    • Stevia is 100% natural product and tastes as sugar;

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